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    To appreciate others is a state of mind;Be kind to others is a kind of bosom;Caring for others is a quality;Understanding other people is a kind of conservation;Helping others is a joy;It is a wisdom to learn from others.It is an ability to unite others;Learning from others is a gain. /span>

    Parallel two lines, because no collision can extend infinitely.Corporate interests and customer interests are like two parallel lines. If you want to extend them indefinitely, you must ensure that they never collide. from others is a gain. /span>
    On April 21, 2009, the company held a conference on the growth story of "we grow together on the road". The meeting was a success.

    On June 22, 2009, our company held a symposium on customer value.

    The summary determines the following results
    In order to build a platform and make better achievements in tai hong employees, our company has organized employees to participate in some effective training, which has greatly improved our quality and ability. ml> from others is a gain. /span>